Tuesday, December 15, 2009

climate math

this was published in the appeal democrat

It's very funny how, once the 'climategate' emails came out, the mainstream media didn't hardly report on them until all the environmental extremists, like Al Gore, got a chance to up the ante. The enviro-statists realized that people where starting to question the awful science that goes into the anthropomorphic global warming myth and decided that they needed to bring out the big guns. First the EPA announces that green house gasses such as CO2 are poisonous to humans (they must have forgotten the fact that most life on this planet depends on CO2 to survive) then Al Gore, using some off the wall calculations and misquoting a climate scientists claims, says that the polar ice caps will be gone within five to seven years. this is sensationalism beyond the like we have ever seen and these people are willing to bankrupt this county, and the rest of the world, over an elaborate lie.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

game ball


this is a comic that I did a while back. but in light of what the epa announced the other day i have re-posted it.