Friday, January 1, 2010

security breach

It's sad that we have a government, who's primary purpose is to provide security and liberty for it's citizens, that cares more for taking away our liberties with over taxation and social programs that put more and more power in the hands of centralized government. This administration is worried so much about other things that it has let security slip through the cracks. And to show it's ineptitude on the subject Janet Napolitano, our secretary of homeland security, comes out and says that the "system" put in place to stop terrorists "works." She says this after a terrorist, who is on the watch list, gets on a plane with a one-way ticket he paid cash for, no luggage and no passport with a bomb strapped to himself. And this comes after an uninvited couple sneaks into the white house for a party just one month prior. We have been very lucky that it wasn't worse. The only reason that plane didn't explode is because the terrorist didn't detonate the bomb properly. And I'm sure white house security is better now, but what if it wasn't someone that just wanted to crash a party for a good time that snuck into the white house instead of a terrorist.

We have been very fortunate that something terrible hasn't happened. No thanks to this administration and the programs that have been put in place.

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